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Use the Newspaper to Teach Quantitative Reasoning

Because statistics is one of my favorite courses to teach, Quantitative Reasoning (QR) is an embedded skill that I should feel comfortable blogging about.  I could easily write a description of what I do to teach stats.  The problem is that I’m not sure my approach works well for anything other than statistics.  I’d rather offer a suggestion for teaching QR that applies to a wider array of disciplines.

When I went hunting for ideas online, I rediscovered the National Numeracy Network (NNN).  As I explored their website, I found a set of pages written by Stuart Boersma about using newspaper articles to teach QR.  Boersma argues that using newspaper articles helps students see the relevance of learning QR to their everyday lives.  He offers advice for selecting articles and provides examples of ways of using articles that have “quantitative depth” in class.  You can read his advice at


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